Training Course

International projects for youth workers and youth educators where participants develop their competnaces and methodology in certain field to increase their youth work. The activites are based on non-formal education and methodology. The costs are co-funded by Easmus + programme (meals, accomodation, activities, travel costs up tto the limit).

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Training course where 30 participants from 10 countries (Poland, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Romania) met to develop their comeptnaces in field of using theatre methodology for youth empowerment and combining the non-formal education with formal education curriculum from the schools.
In the first part of the training participant were learning about diverse theatre methodology, in the second part they learn how to develop the non-formal educational activities based on those theatre methodology in the third part participanst have been testing thier activities by implemening the workshops with each other.